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Helping Kids Shine

At Bright Foundation, our goal is simple - Helping Kids Shine.

To achieve this goal, we work directly with children and their families or via agencies and schools.

One key area of our focus is education.

We work to identify and meet children’s educational needs by working with schools and any other organisations that may require our services.

We believe education is crucial to a child’s progress in the world. Quality education lays the foundations for a bright future.

Our work is very focused and targeted in conjunction with social workers, school principals, teachers and relevant stakeholders.

Our organisation size and structure gives us flexibility and speed. It allows us to do different things based on actual need.

We can also assist in urgent cases if and when required.

(Please see Recent Projects to see in detail the nature of our work).

We work with different organisations and agencies in a variety of ways. We have sponsored students in need of stationery, uniforms, school lunches and special events like school camps and educational trips. 

We have provided emergency grants to families in need.

We have also sponsored special projects like the incentive program at Prospect School to improve attendance among some students with attendance rates as low as fifty percent.

Our work is based on one single criterion – “need”.

Political, religious or similar affiliations or beliefs have no influence on our work.

Bright Foundation is funded via sponsorships, personal donations, collection drives and special fund-raising events.

There are two important principles underlining everything we do:

1. One hundred percent of every dollar we raise must go to charity. We are very mindful of utilising donations wisely and carefully.

2. The second principle is that what we do is very targeted and focussed and meets a real need. We do not source a product and then go to a school or organisation saying this is what we have to offer. We actually work the other way round; we work with social workers, school principals and other relevant stakeholders to identify how we can help children and then go about fulfilling that need..


Our Point of Difference

Rest assured, when you contribute to Bright Foundation, one hundred percent of your generous donation will be used for charitable purposes.

All members of the organisation work totally voluntarily and receive no remuneration or compensation.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela